God's story was meant for you.

Let HIM rewrite the novel of your life.


God's Word, the Bible, is the most amazing book I've ever read. Amazing because it reveals the God who created us perfectly and pursues us relentlessly.

I, like you, am a fellow seeker. Together, we have the privilege of unfolding
the truth God has revealed to us.

“The unfolding of your truth gives light.”
— Psalm 119:130

We live in a knowledge-saturated culture. But truth, especially God's truth, was never meant to be purely informational. The Bible is not just another self-help guide or how-to manual. It's a Who Is manual.

We experience freedom and life change when we move beyond knowing the truth to believing and living it. When we move from talking about a book to talking to its Author.

I'm looking forward to unfolding the truth with you.

Fawn Brents



Missionary. Entrepreneur.
Wife. Mom. Grandmother.

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“The sum of Your word is truth.”
Psalm 119:60

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Providing refuge and shelter for orphans and needy children from broken homes. We meet physical and spiritual needs. 

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